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Helicopter Reports
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Durham Regional Police Service became the first municipal policing agency in all of Ontario to incorporate the advantages of a helicopter in law enforcement and crime prevention. Our helicopter is a JetRanger and is based at Oshawa Airport. It can be at the scene of any incident in the region within minutes to assist ground patrol efforts.

The Air Support Unit does not perform flight training exercises, so if you hear the helicopter overhead, it is assisting with a call for service. There are times when the activities of Air-1 cannot be reported here due to ongoing investigations, etc.

August 2014
23-Aug - Truck in a field for unknown purpose - Ajax
23-Aug - Truck driving around in new construction area - Whitby
23-Aug - Male assaulted pregnant female and fled into wooded area - Ajax
23-Aug - Suspected impaired driver - Oshawa
22-Aug - Car into house engulfed in flames, driver fled - Oshawa
22-Aug - Son walked into greenspace, speaking of suicide - Oshawa
22-Aug - Male banging at door of house threatening residents - Oshawa
22-Aug - Male speaking of having a gun at a house party - Oshawa
21-Aug - Male fleeing from shopping centre on foot after theft - Pickering
21-Aug - Suicidal person - Uxbridge
21-Aug - Sighting of possible emergency flares - Newcastle
21-Aug - Possible sighting of a fiery ball streaking across the sky - Raglan
21-Aug - Male seen trying doors, found to be security - Pickering
21-Aug - Male fled after an argument, possibly suicidal - Bowmanville
19-Aug - Male armed with a knife threatening female - Pickering
19-Aug - Male armed with a knife threatening people - Ajax
19-Aug - Two cars racing on 401, speeds of around 190 km/h - Pickering - Toronto
16-Aug - Taxi cab driver assaulted and males fled into wooded area - Ajax
16-Aug - Assist with POU in search for missing male in wooded area - Ajax
15-Aug - Male shooting BB gun from apartment balcony - Oshawa
15-Aug - Large group of youths fighing in church parking lot - Whitby
15-Aug - Check wooded area for missing male - Ajax
15-Aug - Intoxicated male lying in grass, stumbled away - Ajax
14-Aug - Male broke window of car and fled into wooded area - Oshawa
14-Aug - Female upset over breakup, cutting wrists - Caesarea
14-Aug - Suspected impaired driver - Oshawa
14-Aug - Male kicked in door then hid in backyard - Whitby
14-Aug - Female threatening suicide in wooded area - Oshawa
14-Aug - Vehicle struck median, driver fled on foot - Pickering
13-Aug - Male seen dragging female into wooded area - Whitby
13-Aug - Male irate, trying to get medical help - Ajax
12-Aug - Kids egging passing cars - Oshawa
9-Aug - Male pulled knife on mother and fled - Oshawa
9-Aug - Person shining laser at passing cars - Oshawa
08-Aug- Male seen on back deck of home- Bowmanville
07-Aug- Male streaking- Pickering
07-Aug- 2 Males attempting to steal patio furniture- Oshawa
07-Aug- Female calling in sound of footsteps upstairs- Oshawa
07-Aug- Argument at a soccer game one male believed to have a knife- Whitby
07-Aug- Youths reported on roof of school- Whitby
06-Aug- Female ran off into the wooded area- Pickering
05-Aug- Vehicle being driven erratically, located and found to be lost- Myrtle
05-Aug- Male robbed of skateboard- Bowmanville
03-Aug- Complainant following silver Lexus weaving, no headlights - cleared by road unit - Clarington
03-Aug- Unknown person opened complainant screen door and tried to open front door, left unknown DOT, no DESC
03-Aug- Complainant yelling for police, was robbed and pistol whipped - Whitby
03-Aug- Naked male kicking in front door, left then returned and entered residence
02-Aug-Male trying to get into residences, called off before arriving on scene
02-Aug-Female lost in darkness, possibly in wooded area, walked out to OIC
02-Aug-Male trying to smash windows out of store, GOA
02-Aug-18SG2 off with an impaired driver alone, assisted with IR camera
02-Aug-Female delayed, seen climbing over fence, unknown DOT - Whitby
02-Aug-Last seen E/B on Taunton from 57, truck pulling a boat, swerving into oncoming - Clarington
02-Aug- Car drove comps res and it appeared a male was hitting a female and she was screaming- Oshawa
02-Aug- Subjects from impaired left the scene, R/O resides 1 Street south - Ajax
02-Aug- Male out front with a "chopper" screaming and yelling - Ajax
02-Aug- Southbound on Simcoe, driving 50 in an 80, road unit stopped and not impaired - Oshawa
02-Aug- Complainant concerned about three males behind store, sitting in black SUV without a front plate - Whitby
02-Aug- Request to search cemetery, elderly male possibly attending cemetery with a car
01-Aug- Fight/Assault in progress, unknown how many involved, happened earlier cleared
01-Aug- Vehicle southbound on Regional Rd 57 high rate of speed, weaving
01-Aug- Two doors down from complainant male outside screaming about cutting someone
01-Aug- Female ran away towards woods on East side of Gordon Street from Whitby Shores, returned on her own
01-Aug- 4 males, one armed with a gun robbed male and father, last seen running eastbound- GOA

July 2014
31-Jul- Flashlight seen in scrapyard, males seen running S/B on Rosedale
31-Jul- AED Alarm from conservation learning center. Nobody supposed to be there. Building secure, false alarm
31-Jul- Male seen possibly breaking into car, chased by comp to curling club, male GOA - Whitby
31-Jul- Males in truck leaving S/B on Millstream, possibly impaired - Pick-up truck - Hampton
31-Jul- Male ran away from officer, ran into woods, AIR1 located heat, K9 not on scene, had to leave for fuel
31-Jul- Assisted K9 and officers in navigating to the road from the woods/fields
31-Jul- unknown vehicle in driveway and light on inside residence. All 10-4 and cleared by road unit
31-Jul- Vehicle driving all over the road, pulled into R/O's address AIR1 cleared by communication for other call
31-Jul- 4 males in masks with bats standing around a black car. GOA - Ajax
31-Jul- Unknown male banging on complainants door yelling about being robbed- Ajax
30-Jul- Male seen in garage, last seen N/B - No K9 - AIR1 computer problem - No Video or ARS-
29-Jul--Male blocking traffic and yelling at people- Whitby
29-Jul--Residential Alarm, all 10-4 large dogs set it off- Whitby
29-Jul--Car almost hit complainant, driving on wrong side of road- Whitby
29-Jul-- Female suicidal and unknown location, phone ping in Whitby, later returned home by self- Whitby/Pickering
27-Jul- Several youths on the property of abandoned school- Clarington
26-Jul- Complainant could hear someone in her house- Clarington
26-Jul- Complainant heard sound of gunshot in field East of address- Oshawa
26-Jul- Checked Nestleton area for m/v assc to missing male for 15SGT. Call from dayshift- Scugog
26-Jul- Complainant saying someone coming in the back door- Oshawa
26-Jul- Voices and lights heard then seen on the fire training centre stairs- Oshawa
25-Jul- Group of males fighting on street- Newcastle
25-Jul- Complainant reported almost being hit by a motor vehicle- Oshawa
25-Jul- Complainant reported observing a car swerving from lane to lane- Ajax
25-Jul- Domestic assault, male fled from residence after assaulting female- Oshawa
25-Jul- Impaired following - Scugog
25-Jul- Suicidal threats to family to be hit by train. Check area, observed units apprehend subject- Oshawa
25-Jul- Motorcycle took off on unit. Checked area- Oshawa
24-Jul- Marihuana eradication - Uxbridge
24-Jul- Complainant robbed at gunpoint- Pickering
24-Jul- Group of unknown males at front door of complainant's residence threatening him- Ajax
24-Jul- Complainant heard sound of gunshots- North Pickering
23-Jul- Marihuana eradication - Clarington
22-Jul- Male took large amount of pills and fled into wooded area, AIR1 located male lying in open area.
22-Jul- Marihuana eradication - Scugog
22-Jul- Intoxicated male observed walking into traffic- Pickering
22-Jul- Complainant observed 2 males climbing fence and leaving neighbors property- Ajax
22-Jul- Male observed out front of residence with knives- Ajax
18-Jul- Husband and wife having argument in truck- Port Perry
17-Jul- Vehicle located in area of high drug production- Pickering
17-Jul- Two males caught breaking into school- Ajax
17-Jul- Male left after argument very upset- Pickering
17-Jul- Low functioning male left from group home- Pickering
16-Jul- Theft from truck male fled on foot- Oshawa
16-Jul- Vehicle left in front of the complainant's house - driver found to be at party down the road- Clarington
15-Jul- Truck back in greens pace burning unknown material- Ajax
15-Jul- Sound of young child crying- Pickering
13-Jul- Two males on bicycles possibly breaking into cars, took off around Finch Ave
12-Jul- Male wearing hoody seen walking around neighbourhood
12-Jul- Ford F-150 pick-up hit another vehicle and backed into a pole, pulled into parking lot
12-Jul- Group of people starting a fight on the patio of Boston Pizza
12-Jul- Male threatened another with a knife, then fled on foot Westbound
12-Jul- Missing 5 year old, found hiding in residence prior to units arriving on scene
12-Jul- Boater stranded 3 km off shore, got battery working and made it back to shore
12-Jul- Complaint of animal in tree that sounded like a "monkey". Not able to confirm heat detected in tree.
11-Jul- Male missing from group home, running into woods - functions at very low level
10-Jul- Complainant's wife stabbed him and fled the residence- Clarington
10-Jul- Elderly female with dementia missing from home- Oshawa
10-Jul- Male fled group home and arrested for breaching bail conditions- Oshawa
10-Jul- Unknown male party observed in neighbourhood threatening residents- Pickering
10-Jul- Complainant robbed while delivering pizza- Oshawa
09-Jul- Marihuana eradication - Clarington
09-Jul- Complainant reported seeing an aircraft that appeared to be in distress- Ajax
08-Jul- Road rage incident resulted in male driver assaulting another male driver- Scugog
06-Jul-Break and enter reported to commercial property- Whitby
06-Jul- Break and enter reported to commercial property- Bowmanville
06-Jul- Male assaulted female at restaurant then fled- Ajax
05-Jul-Male fled from police after assault incident was observed on roof of building- Whitby
05-Jul-Suicidal female reported by youth worked located by Air 1 -Scugog
05-Jul-Male located hiding outside window called in by home owner- Pickering
04-Jul- Vehicle seen driving with no headlights on and signaling erratically- Ajax
04-Jul- Missing Elderly woman with dementia- Oshawa
04-Jul- People inside the old Knobb Hill Farms Building- Oshawa
04-Jul- Male at a party took "shrooms" and left running into wooded area - Ajax
04-Jul- Female left Motel 6 and later stated she wanted to die - Whitby
03-Jul- Located outdoor grow operations- Pickering
03-Jul- 3 males attempting to kick in front door- Pickering
03-Jul- Outdoor Marijuana Grow- Pickering
03-Jul- Disturbance at rented house- Pickering
03-Jul- Male attempting to flee parents while suicidal- Newcastle
02-Jul-Male fled from a domestic arrest by an off-duty officer- Newcastle
02-Jul- Elderly male with dementia missing from home- Oshawa
02-Jul- Male mentally delayed missing from home- Courtice
02-Jul- Male fled in a truck from a domestic- Oshawa
02-Jul- Female seen walking on roadway with no pants shoes or regrad for her wellbeing- Whitby
02-Jul- Armored Truck seen with lights on- Whitby
01-Jul- Suspected Impaired Driver - Bowmanville
01-Jul- Group setting off fireworks off end of runway interfering with air traffic - Oshawa

June 2014
28-Jun- 2 males seen on tracks carrying milk crates - Ajax
28-Jun- Off duty TPS Officer trying to arrest a male who threw gas on the playground - Scugog
28-Jun- Male missing from elderly group home - Ajax
28-Jun- Male called in fake bomb threat - Oshawa
27-Jun- Complainants daughter ran off after family dispute - Oshawa
27-Jun- Group of youths attempting to gain access to vehicles - Pickering
27-Jun- Complainant reported female left residence while impaired - Pickering
27-Jun- AIR1 observed cars street racing - Ajax
27-Jun- Female heard screaming out along the street - Scugog
27-Jun- 2 Males seen shooting BB gun off balcony - Oshawa
26-Jun- Complainant reported vehicle swerving in lane - Oshawa
26-Jun- Male robbed at knifepoint - Bowmanville
26-Jun- Male fled on foot - Oshawa
26-Jun- Male involved in family dispute made suicidal comments, left on bicycle - Ajax
26-Jun- Marijuana eradication - Claremont
26-Jun- Assist patrol car in stop of armed person in motor vehicle - Claremont
26-Jun- Complainant observed car veering all over roadway - Scugog
26-Jun- Assist patrol cars in attempting to arrest wanted person
26-Jun- Complainant reported drag racing on street - Scugog
26-Jun- Complainant reported large group of unknown persons on his property - Scugog
25-Jun- Estranged partner threatened suicide, ran off on foot - Whitby
25-Jun- Complainant observed vehicle swerving in lane - Ajax
25-Jun- Male observed running from house with stolen property - Oshawa
25-Jun- Complainant reported the sound of gunshots - Oshawa
25-Jun- Complainant reported an abandoned vehicle - Claremont
25-Jun- Complainant reported unknown parties in school - Pickering
25-Jun- Complainant reported vehicle swerving in lane, no lights on - Whitby
24-Jun- Marijuana eradication - Clarington
22-Jun- Group of youths attempting to gain access to vehicles in parking lot - Oshawa
21-Jun- Large field party - Raglan
21-Jun- Male trying to stop traffic - Whitby
21-Jun- Female observed driving the wrong way on Hwy 401, believed to be impaired - Bowmanville
21-Jun- Missing person - Pickering
21-Jun- Complainant advised of male armed and dealing drugs - Oshawa
21-Jun- Large field party - Raglan
21-Jun- Complainant following a car swerving all of highway - Scugog
20-Jun- Complainant observed driver appearing to be impaired - Oshawa
20-Jun- Elderly female left hospital - Bowmanville
20-Jun- Large field party - Oshawa
20-Jun- Complainant believed he saw a marine distress flare in Lake Ontario - Bowmanville
19-Jun- Complainant heard unknown parties attempting to gain access to her residence - Bowmanville
19-Jun- Complainant heard unknown parties attempting to gain access to model home sales center - Whitby
19-Jun- Male assaulting female with hammer - Whitby
19-Jun- Male seen drinking beer while driving car - Ajax
19-Jun- Assist ground units with traffic stop - Scugog
19-Jun- Complainant hear unknown party attempt to enter her garage - Whitby
19-Jun- Complainant's daughter ran off after family dispute - Oshawa
19-Jun- 3 large bulls loose at roadside, Uxbridge
19-Jun- Group of teens breaking into an abandoned house - Bowmanville
19-Jun- Unknown male party attempting to gain access into complainants home- Bowmanville
18-Jun- Alarms at RV dealership - Whitby
18-Jun- Complainant located rolled over motor vehicle in river - Claremont
15-Jun-- Sounds of forced entry heard from Garage - Oshawa
15-Jun--Suspected Impaired Driver - Oshawa
14-Jun- Assist in locating male that fled on foot - Uxbridge
14-Jun-Suspected Impaired Driver - Ajax
14-Jun-Two males capsized in canoe on - Scugog
14-Jun-Males in vehicle pointing laser at other motorists - Brooklin
14-Jun-Suspected Impaired Driver, Whitby
14-Jun-Suspected Impaired Driver - Scugog
14-Jun-Suspected Impaired Driver - Oshawa
14-Jun-Neighbour saw garage door open and 2 males inside - Oshawa
14-Jun-Suspected Impaired Driver - Ajax
14-Jun-Large group on street started fighting - Pickering
13- Jun- Male seen walking with unknown weapon - Bomanville
13-Jun- Missing male - Courtice
12- Jun- Complainant observed unknown parties attempting to steal their boat
12-Jun- Marijuana eradication- Uxbridge/Pickering
11-Jun- Marijuana eradication- Scugog
10-Jun- Domestic situation, male threatening others with machete- Whitby
08-Jun- Missing elderly resident in Markham - York Region
07-Jun- Complainant arrived at 24hr gas station to find it apparently abandoned - Whitby
07-Jun- Large fight outside a bar - Whitby
07-Jun- Assault on a taxi driver - Oshawa
07-Jun- Marijuana eradication - Clarington
07-Jun- Sound of gunshots heard in area - Uxbridge
07-Jun- Complainant observed aircraft fly over and parachutist jumped out - Claremont
07-Jun- Complainant called regarding son in mental distress - Oshawa
07-Jun- Fights at Ribfest - Bowmanville
07-Jun- Complainant was sexually assault by unknown assailant - Pickering
07-Jun- Store clerk was robbed by unknown suspect, ran off on foot - Oshawa
07-Jun- Family dispute resulting in assault - Uxbridge
06-Jun- Abandoned stolen vehicle located in Raglan - Raglan
06-Jun- Sound of gunshots heard in area of Raglan - Raglan
06-Jun- Group of teens breaking into an abandoned house - Pickering
06-Jun- Working house fire - Clarington
06-Jun- Spousal assault - Whitby
06-Jun- Complainant following a car swerving all of highway - Whitby
05-Jun- Missing suicidal female in conservation area - Clarington
05-Jun- Suspected Impaired Driver - Clarington
05-Jun- Truck into building driver fled - Whitby
04-Jun- Assist TPS with a missing person search - Toronto
03-Jun- Missing Elderly resident of retirement home - Whitby
03-Jun- 13yr old daughter upset with mother took off from car into wooded area - Clarington
03-Jun- Female attempting suicide by jumping off cliff - Oshawa
01-Jun- Unable to locate male said to have been assaulted with a bat - Oshawa
01-Jun- Male along side of road dressed all in black trying to stop vehicles - Whitby

May 2014
31-May- Group of youths down by water causing damage to boats - Whitby
31-May- Suspected Impaired Driver - Ajax
31-May- Male assaulted family members the fled on foot threatening suicide - Clarington
31-May- 4 Males fled on foot from a vehicle on conditions not to be with each other - Pickering
31-May- Female arrestable for assaulting children - Bowmanville
31-May- Large underage party in wooded area - Oshawa
31-May- Male seen in railway tracks with bandages on hands - Ajax
30-May- Vehicle seen at transmission tower site stealing metal - Brock
30-May- Suspected Impaired Driver - Beavertown
30-May- Female yelling in green space found to be someone lost in woods - Oshawa
30-May- Sound of someone at back of the house and in bushes - Whitby
30-May- Husband left on foot after assaulting wife - Ajax
30-May- Suspected Impaired Driver - Ajax
29-May- Police initiated traffic stop, suspects fled on foot - Scarborough
29-May- Female advised family members that she was considering suicide, left in her car - Oshawa
29-May- Serious motor vehicle collision - Blackstock
29-May- Vehicle fled from RIDE stop, suspected impaired driver - Oshawa
28-May- Missing youth - Ajax
28-May- Sat Radio provider called 911 reporting vehicle emergency button depressed - Whitby
28-May- Driver was refused alcohol at restaurant due to intoxication, attempted to leave in vehicle - Uxbridge
27-May- Complainant returned home and found window smashed in -Whitby
27-May- Missing youth - Whitby
25-May- Female threatening suicide over txt - Whitby
24-May -Male stabbed at restaurant -Pickering
24-May -Large group of people observed on roof of school -Pickering
24-May -Male arrested for shoplifting, broke away from security and fled on foot - Whitby
24-May -Group of males arrived at residence and beat male with a baseball bat - Oshawa
24-May -Male stole liquor, ran on foot when confronted by security - Oshawa
24-May -Group of youths observed on roof of school - Pickering
24-May - Large bush party - Oshawa
23-May - Group of males observed breaking into a pool store - Oshawa
23-May - Complainant heard female screaming followed by several loud bangs - Oshawa
23-May - Cellphone dialing 911 - Ajax
23-May - Altercation in park led to male yeilding knife - Oshawa
23-May - Group of unknown parties observed running from building - Oshawa
21-May - Son barricaded in bedroom with a crossbow - Pickering
20-May - Complainant came home to find insecure and smell in house - Oshawa
20-May - Female threatening suicide over text - Bowmanville
18-May - Male left from house armed with a knife - Oshawa
17-May - Suspected impaired driver - Oshawa
17-May - House explosion - Enniskillen
17-May - Males fled on foot from a drug transaction - Oshawa
17-May - Male fled after trying to steal beef jerky - Oshawa
16-May - Male seen assaulting a female - Oshawa
16-May - Male called in by GO Transit for hitting a bus with a rock - Oshawa
16-May - Male believed to have fled an ATV collision - Brock
13-May - Male ran from caregiver - Whitby
13-May - Unknown male chased child - Whitby
11-May - Large fight - Oshawa
11-May - Male called 911 in medical distress - Oshawa
11-May - Complainant's car almost struck by driver apparently impaired - Whitby
11-May - Complainant observed male assaulting a female - Whitby
11-May - Unknown resident at house called 911 - Whitby
10-May - Male smashed window at community resource centre - Oshawa
10-May - Complainant observed unknown parties in his residence - Oshawa
10-May - Group of youths observed attempting to break into cars - Pickering
10-May - Complainant observed vehicle being driven by an impaired driver - Scugog
10-May - Group of males robbed by three armed males - Whitby
10-May - Male observed attempting to gain access to community resource center - Whitby
10-May - Group of males intoxicated in front of grocery store - Oshawa
10-May - Pedestrian struck on railway tracks - Clarington
10-May - Male running into traffic - Whitby
10-May - Complainant arrived home and found unknown person in her garage - Whitby
10-May - Twelve-year-old left residence - Clarington
9-May - Student at UOIT kidnapped - Oshawa
9-May - Impaired collision - Oshawa
9-May - Impaired driver - Clarington
9-May - Resident at group home running into traffic - Myrtle
8-May - Two males taking items from inside cars - Oshawa
8-May - People broke into new construction home and stealing tools - Clarington
6-May - Male observed walking into a field - Whitby
6-May - Vehicle with lights flashing driving around cemetery - Whitby
4-May - Two people possibly stealing from parked vehicles - Oshawa
4-May - Vehicle rollover, passengers fled on foot - Scugog
3-May - Fight on street - Pickering
3-May - Convenience store robbed by armed person - Oshawa
3-May - Impaired driver stopped at fast food drive-thru - Oshawa
3-May - Suicidal person jumping into traffic - Oshawa
3-May - Suicidal person fled on foot from residence - Brock
2-May - Motor vehicle observed making several turns and driver changing seats with pass - Scugog
2-May - Impaired driver in McDonalds drive-thru causing disturbance - Whitby
2-May - Impaired driver called in - Whitby
2-May - Impaired driver arrested parked in vehicle - Clarington
2-May - Large number of people on street, yelling and about to fight - Oshawa
2-May - Report of a person shooting at a cat with air gun - Whitby
2-May - Male causing disturbance in convenience store, refused to leave - Whitby
2-May - Complainant and her neighbour's motions lights went on in backyards - Whitby

April 2014
29-Apr - Unknown parties looking into parked car windows - Whitby
26-Apr- Suicidal male fled Lakeridge Health Oshawa on foot - Oshawa
25-Apr - Female left residence after uttering suicidal comments - Ajax
25-Apr - Male robbed at knifepoint by three unknown males - Whitby
25-Apr - Young male left residence after family dispute - Ajax
25-Apr - Complainant following impaired driver - Scugog
25-Apr - Impaired driver T-boned car at intersection, fled on foot, located hiding in forested area
25-Apr - Male fighting with other people at party, fled on foot - Bowmanville
25-Apr - Missing elderly lady hit panic button and could not be located - Oshawa
24-Apr - Domestic argument, male cut himself with a knife and fled - Oshawa
23-Apr - Male fled on foot from a traffic stop - Oshawa
22-Apr - Street level robbery, three hiding in backyards - Whitby
20-Apr - Sounds of yelling from a greenspace - Oshawa
20-Apr - Woman phones police when she gets stuck and does not know where she is - Clarington
20-Apr - Male seen in new house construction - Pickering
19-Apr - Three males throwing sticks and rocks at houses - Oshawa
19-Apr - Male ran off with spray paint after breaking into cars and tagging - Oshawa
19-Apr - Male attempted to break into residence armed with a knife - Oshawa
19-Apr - Suspicious vehicles entering into private land - Clarington
19-Apr - Two males seen smashing cars - Oshawa
19-Apr - Male seen in abandoned house - Oshawa
19-Apr - Male fled in car after nearly striking a police vehicle, Oshawa
19-Apr - large House party letting out onto the street, Whitby
18-Apr - Possible impaired driver, being followed by complainant
18-Apr - Female with possible mental health issues
18-Apr - Two youths on motorcycles driving on the road and in a field west of complainant's address
18-Apr - Boyfriend just hits complainant's head off of a glass door and poured beer on complainant
18-Apr - Complainant advising someone shooting guns in green space behind residence - Oshawa
18-Apr - Impaired driver being followed by complainant - Scugog
18-Apr - Three males fighting outside bar. GOA. - Oshawa
17-Apr - Male assaulted female, ran out back door of residence - Clarington
17-Apr - Unknown person looking into car windows - Oshawa
16-Apr - Check residence for OPP regarding male with gun - Scugog
16-Apr - Male party harassing customers at gas station - Whitby
16-Apr - Group of teens flashing laser pointers at cars - Whitby
15-Apr - Group home male threatening to harm himself in wooded area - Pickering
15-Apr - Males seen smashing glass of bus shelter - Ajax
15-Apr - Low functioning female left residence unknown DOT - Oshawa
15-Apr - Homeowner observed person in backyard - Whitby
14-Apr - Male sent suicidal text messages to his partner - Pickering
12-Apr - Vehicle fire - Clarington
12-Apr - Unknown party(s) smashed complainant's car window - Pickering
12-Apr - Impaired driver drove car into ditch, fled on foot - Clarington
11-Apr - Missing seven-year-old - Oshawa
11-Apr - Complainant observed vehicle swerving over roadway - Scugog
11-Apr - Group of males fighting with weapons - Whitby
11-Apr - Male screaming behind apartment complex - Oshawa
11-Apr - Male called police after finding family member covered in blood - Oshawa
10-Apr - Unknown person banging on complainant's door - Whitby
10-Apr - Male party smashed window on bus - Oshawa
10-Apr - Police locate unoccupied car in ditch - Oshawa
9-Apr - Male wanted for homicide in Huntsville located in Pickering
9-Apr - Search for a 13-year-old missing from residence - Whitby
8-Apr - Female resident left on foot threatening suicide - Oshawa
6-Apr - Commercial alarm - Ajax
5-Apr - Pursuit of stolen car involved in previous bank robbery - Whitby
5-Apr - Fight in the middle of street one party ran on foot - Oshawa
5-Apr - Male raging in house with a knife - Ajax
4-Apr - Complainant observed vehicle swerving over roadway - Oshawa
4-Apr - Complainant heard sound of breaking glass - Whitby
4-Apr - Driver apparently impaired crashed through fence, fled in vehicle - Clarington
4-Apr - Impaired driver observed sitting in vehicle - Whitby
3-Apr - Complainant observed an unknown person on school property - Whitby
3-Apr - Complainant observed unknown persons sitting in vehicle in front of residence - Whitby
3-Apr - Complainant observed group of unknown persons enter creek area - Whitby
1-Apr - EDP male walked out of hospital - Bowmanville

March 2014
30-Mar - Complainant observed cube van apparently stealing equipment at a construction site - Ajax
30-Mar - Complainant observed motor vehicle swerving on roadway, apparently impaired - Ajax
30-Mar - Complainant observed unknown parties on his back deck - Oshawa
30-Mar - Complainant observed unknown vehicle behind a school with large group of people - Scugog
29-Mar - Intoxicated and emotionally upset female left friends - Oshawa
28-Mar - Group of people observed entering an abandoned building - Clarington
28-Mar - Complainant observed vehicle swerving between lanes - Clarington
28-Mar - Complainant observed a large group of people between houses - Clarington
26-Mar - Female walking around speaking of suicide located on bushes - Whitby
25-Mar - Car into house parties fled on foot - Pickering
23-Mar - Aid in search for three, 12-year-old girls missing close to Lake Ontario - Pickering
23-Mar - MVC fire car on fire - Scugog
23-Mar - Male fled on foot threatening he was going to kill himself - Oshawa
23-Mar - Call to 911, a male flees when officers arrive possibly through back window - Oshawa
22-Mar - Three males seen breaking into housing complex under construction - Pickering
21-Mar- Look for youths possibly on church roof - Oshawa
21-Mar- Males seen with guns in their hands going into convenience store - Oshawa
20-Mar - Break and enter to residence - Whitby
20-Mar - Theft in progress - Oshawa
20-Mar - Break and enter to jewellery store - Pickering
18-Mar - Stolen motor vehicle - Brooklin
18-Mar - Large fire in wooded area - Clarington
16-Mar - Unknown parties attempting access to impound yard - Clarington
16-Mar - Complainant heard unknown parties in backyard - Whitby
16-Mar - Fatal MVC on Lake Simcoe - Beaverton
15-Mar - The complainant observed unknown parties attempting to break into residence - Courtice
15-Mar - Male party observed leaving bar after consuming large amount of alcohol - Oshawa
15-Mar - Males at bar threatened complainant - Ajax
15-Mar - Laser pointed at AIR1 - Clarington
14-Mar - Theft of cigarettes - Oshawa
14-Mar - Suspected impaired driver - Newcastle
14-Mar - Hammer thrown through window of house - Bowmanville
14-Mar - Motorist observed snowmobile break through ice - Lake Scugog
14-Mar - Male called 911 claiming to have a gun held to his head - Whitby
13-Mar - Teenage girl leaves home after disturbance - Whitby
11-Mar - Male seen smoking drugs while driving - Whitby
11-Mar - Search for vehicle belonging to missing male - Claremont
8-Mar - Car fire with footprints leading away - Pickering
8-Mar - Male stabbed with shard of glass - Whitby
8-Mar - Theft of Durham EMS medical bag - Oshawa
8-Mar - Fare refusing to pay - Whitby
8-Mar - Male fled from traffic stop into residence - Pickering
8-Mar - Two males seen in school after hours - Ajax
7-Mar - Female EDP fled on foot from caregivers - Ajax
7-Mar - intoxicated male left casino on foot - Scugog
7-Mar - Male and female screaming in greenspace - Oshawa
7-Mar - Suspected impaired driver - Ajax
6-Mar - Female EDP walked out of Lakeridge Health - Oshawa
5-Mar - Complainant observed a vehicle swerving across roadway - Scugog
5-Mar - Complainant heard unknown parties trying to break door down - Oshawa
5-Mar - Known parties entered complainant's residence and assaulted her - Oshawa
4-Mar - Complainant observed large SUV speeding and running red lights - Oshawa
1-Mar - Impaired ATV rider collided with snowmobile on snowmobile trail, fled on foot - Scugog

February 2014
28-Feb - Complainant heard unknown persons breaking into residence - Whitby
28-Feb - Complainant heard sound of gunshots - Whitby
23-Feb - Male fled from single motor vehicle collision - Bowmanville
20-Feb - Group of males and suspicious motor vehicle observed at construction site - Pickering
19-Feb - Car on fire - Pickering
19-Feb - Missing autistic male - Ajax
19-Feb - Male observed stealing construction equipment - Pickering
16-Feb - Vehicle running in driveway of new home construction site - Oshawa
16-Feb - Complainant observed male trespassing on property - Clarington
15-Feb - Males observed sitting in a car at a construction site
15-Feb - Males observed drinking in vehicles - Scugog
15-Feb - Large house party with people smashing bottles on street - Brooklin
14-Feb - Impaired driver - Scugog
14-Feb - Male made suicidal comments to his wife and left in vehicle - Orilla OPP
14-Feb - Male hit by car and fled on foot - Whitby
12-Feb - Large amount of smoke in area, located fire - Pickering
9-Feb - Car crashed into snowbank, driver fled on foot - Ajax
9-Feb - Missing autistic female - Courtice
8-Feb - Person interrupted while breaking into a house - Oshawa
8-Feb - SUV driving in neighbourhood knocking on random doors - Courtice
6-Feb - Male on visiting pass from Whitby Shores fled on foot - Whitby
5-Feb - Car located on fire - Clarington
4-Feb - Female left residence on foot after making suicidal comments - Whitby
1-Feb - Male observed covering licence plate before leaving casino - Scugog

January 2014
30-Jan - Male fled from traffic stop - Clarington
29-Jan - Group of three yelling and talking about drugs - Whitby
29-Jan - Vehicle suspected of being impaired - Whitby
29-Jan - Suicidal male left hospital - Uxbridge
25-Jan - Break and enter reported at pharmacy - Oshawa
25-Jan - Vehicle reported driving the wrong way on 401 Highway - Bowmanville
23-Jan - Suicidal elderly female located - Oshawa
21-Jan - Bank robbery - Ajax
20-Jan - Elderly female with Alzheimer's left on foot - Ajax
19-Jan- Male observed walking on ice in Lake Ontario - Oshawa
18-Jan- Male destroying house, threatening female - Whitby
18-Jan- Complaints brakes failed - Bowmanville
18-Jan- Complaints heard sound of shotguns and screaming - Whitby
17-Jan- Parties breaking into commercial building - Oshawa
17-Jan- Male stabbed by family member
13-Jan- Call for missing person - Whitby
12-Jan- Large fight, one male fled on foot and armed with handgun - Pickering
11-Jan Suspected impaired driver - Oshawa
11-Jan- Female phoning in, threatening suicide on railway bridge - Whitby
11-Jan- Distress for vehicle seen out on frozen ice - Scugog
8-Jan- Impaired driver - Clarington
4-Jan- Impaired driver with 6 year old passenger - Oshawa
3-Jan- Two males robbed gas station, armed with shotgun - Whitby
3-Jan- Male observed attempting to access cars/houses - Bowmanville
3-Jan- Vehicles observed stunt driving in Walmart parking lot - Oshawa
2-Jan- Truck smashed into building, then fled on foot - Whitby
1-Jan - Male left residence after making suicidal threats - Oshawa
1-Jan - Vehicle hit guardrail and then fled - Courtice

December 2013
31-Dec - Commercial building broken into - Courtice
31-Dec - Commercial building broken into - Courtice
27-Dec - Persons stealing tools left in truck - Courtice
27-Dec - Persons seen enter house for sale - Oshawa
27-Dec - Kids seen on roof of school - Courtice
26-Dec - Residential alarm - Oshawa
26-Dec - Armed person - Oshawa
25-Dec - Complainant heard sounds and possibly flashlights from neighbours - Courtice
24-Dec - Search for vehicle in connection to missing person investigation - Pickering
19-Dec - Female pursued to the ground and robbed after using bank machine - Pickering
11-Dec - Males entered house with guns - Oshawa
10-Dec - Suicidal female out driving in vehicle - Oshawa
8-Dec - Elderly female missing from retirement home - Uxbridge
8-Dec - Males observed on security camera - Oshawa
7-Dec - Male missing - Whitby
6-Dec - Elderly male missing from home - Whitby
6-Dec - Stolen vehicle observed on Highway 401 - Port Hope
5-Dec - Male wanted on warrant - Oshawa
5-Dec - Male robbed retail store - Ajax
4-Dec - Sound of gunshots - Uxbridge
4-Dec - Two missing teens fled home - Pickering
4-Dec - Male observed with handgun - Claremont
1-Dec - Vehicle fled scene of a significant collision - Oshawa
1-Dec - Large house party letting out into street - Oshawa
1-Dec - Vehicle fled from traffic stop, believed to be impaired - Whitby

November 2013
30-Nov - Males fighting each other. One believed to have a gun - Uxbridge
30-Nov - Group of males trying to kick in door - Oshawa
30-Nov - Prostitutes breaking into main floor apartment - Oshawa
30-Nov - Suspected impaired driver - Ajax
30-Nov - Three males attempting to break into a business through the roof - Oshawa
30-Nov - Called in break and enter, found to be family member - Courtice
30-Nov - Disturbance called in and found to be male on conditions from previous domestic - Bowmanville
30-Nov - Break and enter to a school - Ajax
29-Nov - Two males found in driveway of house - Pickering
29-Nov - Vehicle fled, officer trying to stop it - Pickering
29-Nov - Suspected impaired driver - Bowmanville
28-Nov - Male trying to break in with a handgun - Whitby
27-Nov - Truck collided with another car then fled the scene - Whitevale
24-Nov - Male stabbed several times at a party - Oshawa
24-Nov - Vehicle observed swerving across lanes - Whitby
24-Nov - Commercial alarm - Whitby
23-Nov - Male observed attempting to break into vehicles - Oshawa
23-Nov - Male observed with handgun - Ajax
23-Nov - Unknown parties attempted to break into complainant's residence - Ajax
23-Nov - Male robbed while walking on path - Pickering
23-Nov - Male left bar after being refused alcohol - Ajax
22-Nov - Male eloped from Ontario Shores - Whitby
22-Nov - Male made suicidal comments, left residence with rope - Oshawa
21-Nov - Armed males robbed convenience store - Oshawa
21-Nov - Group of males wearing mask entering parking complex - Oshawa
21-Nov - Attempted break and enter of residences - Ajax
20-Nov - Female uttered suicidal comments, located - Whitby
20-Nov - Male observed running on rooftops - Bowmanville
20-Nov - Rear window of residence broken - Whitby
19-Nov - Male stealing from dumpster - Whitby
16-Nov - Break and enter to residential unit - Oshawa
16-Nov - Male EDP fled Whitby Mental Health Facility, located - Whitby
16-Nov - Break and enter in progress to residence - Oshawa
16-Nov - Male was assaulted with baseball bat, subject fled - Bowmanville
16-Nov - Impaired driver being followed - Clarington
16-Nov - Break and Enter in Progress Oshawa
15-Nov - EDP female reported missing - Whitby
15-Nov - Located impaired male who fled from OPP/wanted on warrants - Whitby
15-Nov - Vehicle theft in progress - Oshawa
15-Nov - Female assaulted by several youths - Oshawa
14-Nov - Domestic incident male fled - Whitby
14-Nov - House fire - Oshawa
14-Nov - Break and enter, domestic related - Whitby
14-Nov - Break and enter in progress to home reno store - Oshawa
14-Nov - Drunk male causing disturbance/ fighting at restaurant - Oshawa
13-Nov - Impaired driver being followed - Clarington
13-Nov - Impaired driver being followed - Scugog
8-Nov - Male breaking into cars - Oshawa
8-Nov - Alarm call - all secure - Oshawa
8-Nov - Complainant chased two males from home - Oshawa
8-Nov - Male armed with baseball bat at party - Oshawa
8-Nov - Male armed with knife inside home - Oshawa
7-Nov - Suicidal male walking on road - Bowmanville
6-Nov - Aircraft Emergency Simulation - Oshawa
5-Nov - Males breaking into house, fled in car - Pickering
5-Nov - Impaired driver being followed - Clarington
5-Nov - Male breaking into cars - Oshawa
3-Nov - Street level robbery - Pickering
3-Nov - Male threatening suicide by walking in front of a train - Whitby
3-Nov - Vehicle driving into guardrail and driver fled on foot - Brooklyn
3-Nov - Three males breaking in to cars - Bowmanville
2-Nov - Street level robbery - Pickering
2-Nov - Single vehicle rollover driver fled on foot - Pickering
2-Nov - Male entered apartment and took rent money - Oshawa
2-Nov - Unknown parties shooting passersby with paintball guns - Bowmanville
2-Nov - Male seen showing and firing pistol into a wall - Whitby
2-Nov - Suspected impaired driver - Whitby
2-Nov - Male pulled a weapon from the trunk during an argument - Pickering
2-Nov - Convenience store robbery - Courtice
2-Nov - Sandwich store robbery - Pickering
1-Nov - Elderly complainant called in saying house wide open - Oshawa
1-Nov - Aggressive driver - Clarington
1-Nov - Trespassing vehicles in Raglan pits
1-Nov - Security came upon parties breaking into buildings on Mosport property

October 2013
31-Oct - Robbery of jewellery store - Pickering
30-Oct - Located male in greespace, in process of trying to kill himself - Oshawa
29-Oct - Male outside waving knives around - Bowmanville
29-Oct - Missing person - Toronto
27-Oct - Suspicious vehicle outside of complainant's residence, fled when confronted by complainant - Clarington
27-Oct - Male observed setting fire to garbage pail - Oshawa
27-Oct - Fight inside bar - Oshawa
26-Oct - Large group of people observed in Raglan pits - Scugog
26-Oct - Male armed with handgun in bar - Oshawa
26-Oct - Male threatened to kill his family - Uxbridge
26-Oct - Youths throwing stones at cars - Port Perry
26-Oct - Male assaulted by unknown party, stole victim's bicycle - Pickering
25-Oct - Male sent text messages containing suicidal comments - Whitby
25-Oct - Vehicle found rolled into ditch, driver not on scene - Scugog
25-Oct - Large group of youths observed in residential construction site - Claremont
25-Oct - Impaired driver observed on 401 - Oshawa
17-Oct - Male seen walking in street, left in suspicious vehicle - Ajax
17-Oct - Male left house after argument, suffers from MHA issues - Ajax
12-Oct - Female made suicidal comments and attempted to take parents car - Oshawa
12-Oct - Male apprehended under MHA
11-Oct - Group of males robbed lone male - Pickering
11-Oct - Male observed armed with a crow bar smashing car windows - Oshawa
11-Oct - Unknown male entered residence while homeowners were asleep - Clarington
11-Oct - Male driver hit pedestrian in Whitby and fled to Bowmanville. TSU called out and eventual take down
10-Oct - Group of males observed cultivating marijuana
10-Oct - Males observed forcing female into a truck - Oshawa
10-Oct - Male observed leaving establishment apparently intoxicated - Whitby
9-Oct - Elderly male missing from residence - Clarington
9-Oct - Female made suicidal comments, left residence - Clarington
9-Oct - Four armed males enter residence - Oshawa
3-Oct - Assist YRP in check of property - Zephyr
2-Oct - Missing female from care facility - Oshawa
2-Oct - Missing male from residence with no short term memory - Ajax
2-Oct - Serious MVC occupants fled on foot - Oshawa
1-Oct - Assist YRP in check of property - Scugog
1-Oct - Check wooded area for possible stolen car - Northumberland
1-Oct - Car into house the fled scene - Pickering

September 2013
28-Sep - Female hit by wheel from motor vehicle, driver fled scene on foot - Scugog
28-Sep - Complainant heard sounds of gunfire - Pickering
28-Sep - Complainant observed unknown male in her residence - Whitby
27-Sep - Vehicle parked at side of road - Scugog
27-Sep - Two aircraft on landing approach to airport struck by laser - Oshawa
26-Sep - Impaired driver failed to stop for police - Oshawa
25-Sep - Male armed with handgun, fled residence - Whitby
25-Sep - Female being held against her will - Whitby
24-Sep - Male threatening suicide - Brooklin
20-Sep - Search shoreline of Lake Ontario for report of a floating lifejacket - Clarington
20-Sep - Male seen exiting vehicle into greenspace - Whitby
19-Sep - Driver found to be walking dog out window of a moving car - Clarington
19-Sep - Search for missing suicidal male - Clarington
17-Sep - Male threatening suicide believed to be jumping from parking garage - Oshawa
14-Sep - Two missing children - Uxbridge
14-Sep - Missing elderly male - Scugog
11-Sep - Male assaulted female, fled in vehicle. Located running through back yards - Ajax
10-Sep - Armed robbery and police pursuit - Barrie OPP
7-Sep - Missing 10-year-old left house upset. Located at friend's house - Pickering
7-Sep - Missing 11-year-old left on foot and returned home during search - Oshawa
7-Sep - Missing patient from Ontario Shores - Whitby
7-Sep - Males seen in store pocketing items - Oshawa
6-Sep - Suspected impaired driver - Ajax
6-Sep - Male seen in backyard of house - Leskard
5-Sep - Male upset and possible threat in York - Markham
5-Sep - Structure fire in old POW camp - Bowmanville

August 2013
31-Aug - Male observed climbing a fence into a construction area - Oshawa
31-Aug - Vehicle observed swerving all over the road - Oshawa
30-Aug - Truck driving erratically - Oshawa
30-Aug - Limo swerving all over the road, possibly impaired - Scugog
29-Aug - Three males robbed complainant of cellphone - Pickering
29-Aug - Three males robbed a gas station - Oshawa
28-Aug - Complainant observed family member leave intoxicated - Courtice
28-Aug - Female fled residence after making suicidal comments to ambulance staff - Oshawa
28-Aug - Complainants located a deceased male in ravine - Oshawa
28-Aug - Assist Toronto Police Service with missing male at Toronto Zoo
28-Aug - Three males robbed a gas station - Clarington
25-Aug - Home invasion suspects stole firearms and cellphone
24-Aug - Large straw field on fire - Pickering
23-Aug - Missing autistic boy located - Whitby
22-Aug - Called in early for missing elderly male search - Pickering
22-Aug - Toronto Police following fraud suspects on 401- Pickering
22-Aug - Male consumed large quantity of pills and left on foot - Whitby
22-Aug - Suspected impaired driver - Oshawa
22-Aug - Foot pursuit with wanted male - Oshawa
21-Aug - Female texting that she was being kept in a van - North Durham
21-Aug - Male seen by children masturbating in wooded area - Oshawa
21-Aug - Suspected impaired driver - Oshawa
20-Aug - Vehicle in plaza parking lot acting suspicious - Ajax
20-Aug - ATV driving aggressively in neighbourhood - Ajax
20-Aug - Sound of gunshots, then call for help - Oshawa
17-Aug - Complainant heard sounds of gunfire - Whitby
16-Aug - Complainant heard female screaming for help - Oshawa
16-Aug - Complainant observed 15 YOs break into house - Pickering
16-Aug - Impaired driver failed to stop for police, rolled vehicle, three parties ejected - Brock
16-Aug - missing 4 year old, Oshawa
16-Aug - Domestic situation, male fled on foot - Ajax
15-Aug - IDENT pictures
15-Aug - Complainant heard sounds of gunfire - Pickering
15-Aug - Male fled on foot from officers - Pickering
15-Aug - Complainant observed a vessel in distress - Lake Ontario
15-Aug - Complainant observed unknown party being placed into trunk of car - Oshawa
14-Aug - Complainant was approached by male armed with knife - Pickering
14-Aug - Male wanted by OPP for assault, located deceased after motorcycle collision - Clarington
14-Aug - Large group of youths attempting to break into cars - Pickering
13-Aug - Five-year-old male left residence - Pickering
10-Aug - Sounds of screaming in the wooded area - Whitby
10-Aug - Girlfriend left her dress on porch to walk home naked - Whitby
10-Aug - Suspected impaired driver - Oshawa
10-Aug - Male seen throwing a knife at a female and running after her - Oshawa
10-Aug - Sound of gunshots in distance - Scugog
10-Aug - Male distraught fled from police in car into York Region
9-Aug - Suspect entered vehicle and stole hunting knife - Oshawa
9-Aug - Male seen lighting a fire in school yard - Oshawa
9-Aug - Young female left residence distraught - Udora
8-Aug - Street level robbery of cellphone - Ajax
7-Aug - Male phoned in after taking large quantity of pills in a wooded area - Pickering
7-Aug - Males seen going through cars and breaking windows - Ajax
7-Aug - Female heard screaming in a wooded area - Bowmanville
6-Aug - Male stabbed in apartment building - Oshawa
6-Aug - Caller phoned in thinking lights were a boat; turned out to be pier lights - Pickering
4-Aug - Male smashing a vehicle's window - Ajax
3-Aug - Large disturbance - Clarington
3-Aug - Commercial alarm - Whitby
3-Aug - Commercial alarm - Whitby
3-Aug - Search for suspects involved in assault - Pickering
3-Aug - Impaired driver - Oshawa
3-Aug - Break and enter - Oshawa
3-Aug - Search for suicidal male - Oshawa
3-Aug - Robbery of a female's chain - Pickering
3-Aug - Impaired driver fled scene - Oshawa
3-Aug - Commercial alarm - Whitby
2-Aug - Impaired driver followed - Oshawa
2-Aug - Pizza driver robbed - Ajax
2-Aug - Impaired driver followed and located - Oshawa
2-Aug - Indoor grow operation located - Oshawa
2-Aug - Search for suicidal male - Pickering
1-Aug – Impaired driver failed to remain – Whitby
1-Aug – Break and enter in progress – Clarington
1-Aug – Marihuana located – Clarington
1-Aug – Armed male – Pickering
1-August – Search for male after possible motor vehicle collision – Oshawa
1-August – Males attempting to break into building – Oshawa
1-August – Impaired driver failed to remain – Whitby
1-August – Break and enter in progress – Clarington
1-August – Marihuana located – Clarington
1-August – Armed male – Pickering
1-August – Search for male after possible motor vehicle collision – Oshawa
1-August – Males attempting to break into building – Oshawa

July 2013
31-July – Male assaulted female then fled scene – Oshawa
31-July – Residential break in – Clarington
31-July – Missing suicidal person – Oshawa
31-July – Missing person with mental health issues – Oshawa
30-July – Youths breaking and entering home – Clarington
30-July – Shots fired in area – Ajax
30-July – Males in park armed with gun – Ajax
30-July – Impaired driver – Ajax
27-July – Impaired driver reported – Oshawa
27-July – Two males broke into a house and fled on foot – Oshawa
27-July – Assisted Drug Enforcement Unit – Oshawa
27-July – Assisted Drug Enforcement Unit – Whitby
27-July – Assisted Drug Enforcement Unit – Clarington
26-July – Attempted robbery – Ajax
26-July – Youths entering vehicles – Oshawa
26-July – Marihuana eradication
26-July – Youths damaging school – Whitby
26-July – Robbery – Ajax
25-July – Male stabbed – Oshawa
24-July – Robbery – Ajax
24-July – Youths breaking into cars – Clarington
23-July – Missing Alzheimer’s patient – Oshawa
23-July – Marihuana located – Clarington
23-July – Assisted Drug Enforcement Unit
21-July – Street level robbery - Oshawa
20-July – Males going through backyard – Whitby
20-July – Motor vehicle collision, male fled on foot – Clarington
20-July – Missing youth left on foot – Oshawa
20-July – Alarm set off by cleaners – Oshawa
20-July – Sound of gunshots, unfounded – Oshawa
19-July – Male yelling in area – Oshawa
19-July – Driver failed to remain after accident occurred – Oshawa
19-July – Vehicle pursuit - Oshawa
18-July – Impaired driver being followed – Clarington
18-July – Impaired or careless driver being followed – Whitby/Pickering
14-July – Report of male armed with knife in large fight – Oshawa
14-July – Male getting beaten up, possible robbery - Ajax
13-July – Youths caused damage to security vehicle and fled – Ajax
13-July – Youths in cemetery possibly causing damage – Whitby
13-July – Break and enter into school – Uxbridge
13-July – Male walking in front of vehicles on roadway – Oshawa
13-July – Street level robbery – Ajax
12-July – Three suspects arrested hiding in woods after breaking into a house – Kinsale
12-July – Youths breaking bottles on roadway - Whitby
11-July – Two males seen climbing balcony to enter residence
11-July – Missing 83-year-old with Alzheimer’s – Oshawa
11-July – Complainants ex trying to break into back door – Oshawa
11-July – Victim punched in face and robbed of money – Whitby
11-July – Man seen in backyard with mask on – Ajax
11-July – Male wanted for breach of conditions and for smashing car windows – Ajax
10-July – Assisted in locating a stranded vessel – Lake Scugog
10-July – Complainant heard noises in basement – Whitby
10-July – Male climbing through complainants’ window – Whitby
10-July – Sound of gunshots – Oshawa
9-July – Road rage incident where male pulled out baseball bat – Oshawa
7-July – Complainant observed vehicle swerving all over road – Scugog
7-July – Train apparently hit person walking on tracks – Brock
6-July – Female lost, called police – Clarington
6-July – Male jumped by assailants, stabbed – Oshawa
5-July – Suicidal female missing from residence – Oshawa
5-July – Youths breaking into high-school – Whitby
5-July – Motor vehicle collided with hydro pole, occupants fled on foot – Oshawa
4-July – Males observed impaired on bicycles in traffic – Clarington
4-July – Complainant heard sound of gunshots behind his residence – Columbus
4-July – Elderly male missing from residence – Clarington
4-July – Motor vehicle collided with complainants’ motor vehicle, driver fled scene – Pickering
3-July – Male assaulted and property stolen – Oshawa
3-July – Male observed running through backyards covered in blood – Oshawa
3-July – Male ran from officers attempting arrest – Oshawa
3-July – Males attempted to break into garage – Ajax
3-July – Complainant observed males in motor vehicle, apparently impaired – Scugog
3-July – Male fled residence uttering threats of suicide – Brock
2-July – Complainant heard gunshots – Clarington
2-July – Young child fled house after family dispute – Brooklin
2-July – Complainant observed males in motor vehicle, apparently impaired – Whitby
2-July – Complainant heard sounds of intrusion in commercial property – Brooklin
2-July – Complainant heard female screaming for help – Ajax

June 2013
28-June – Man fled from paying bar tab – Pickering
28-June – Fight at restaurant – Pickering
28-June – Complainant could hear banging on outside of the house – Whitby
28-June – Male did not stop for police, then fled on foot from his vehicle – Whitby
28-June – Missing elderly woman with Alzheimer’s – Ajax
28-June – Call regarding a boat being on fire out on Lake Ontario – Bowmanville
28-June – Commercial alarm – Oshawa
27-June – Male acting irrationally on bike path, possibly suicidal – Oshawa
27-June – 2 males on skateboards possibly related to vehicle thefts – Whitby
27-June – Male fled on foot after hitting hydro pole – Whitby
27-June – Male left on foot, believed to be impaired but found to be in medical distress – Claremont
27-June – Male driver fled on foot from vehicle – Ajax
27-June – 11-year-old did not return home from walk - Oshawa
26-June – Call regarding a male armed with a baseball bat, turned out to be a hoax – Oshawa
26-June – White van seen loading person in handcuffs into it – Whitby
25-June – Female caller called crying and then hung up, located in distress – Whitby
25-June – Two males jumped fence into complainants’ backyard – Oshawa
25-June – Couple yelling at each other - Oshawa
22-June – Suicidal male fled residence – Whitby
22-June – Street level robbery with firearm – Oshawa
22-June – Large fight, male being assaulted – Oshawa
22-June – Suicidal female fled residence – North Durham
22-June – Residents throwing items at firefighters from high-rise - Whitby
21-June – Complainant heard sounds of intruders in her residence – Pickering
21-June – Males attempting to enter vehicles – Oshawa
21-June – Impaired driver – Oshawa
21-June – Male barricaded himself in residence - Clarington
20-June – Driver fled after collision - Pickering
20-June – Continued search for missing female - Clarington
19-June – Continued search for missing female – Clarington
18-June – Female went swimming off Bowmanville marina, did not return – Clarington
18-June – O.P.P. attempting to stop vehicle – Clarington
18-June – Naked male observed walking behind public school - Oshawa
15-June – Complainant heard someone in basement – Oshawa
15-June – Five males entered a garage and fled on foot – Oshawa
15-June – Suspected impaired driver – Whitby
15-June – Physical confrontation with broken beer bottles – Oshawa
15-June – Suspected impaired driver – Clarington
15-June – Sounds of cars racing – Oshawa
15-June – Attempted theft of lumber from railway – Clarington
15-June – Robbery of cellphones – Ajax
15-June – Loud argument thought to be home invasion spilled out into street – Whitby
15-June – Suspected impaired driver – Whitby
15-June – Missing 11-year-old - Ajax
14-June – Two males trying to break into an apartment – Oshawa
14-June – Laser strike to aircraft – Oshawa
14-June – Male breaking into cars – Oshawa
14-June – Single vehicle hit a pole, driver fled on foot - Oshawa
13-June – Family heard a loud bang outside that led to a domestic situation – Ajax
13-June – Male fled on foot after assault – Oshawa
13-June – Male armed with knife in house wanted to commit suicide - Oshawa
12-June – Loss Prevention Officer assaulted while trying to arrest male – Oshawa
12-June – Female fled scene of a vehicle collision - Whitby
9-June – Complainant saw vehicle swerving on the road – Pickering
9-June – Complainant heard gunshot, saw males running – Oshawa
9-June – Sounds of screaming heard from residence – Clarington
9-June – Group of females observed attempting to enter cars – Clarington
9-June – Truck failed to stop for police, going wrong way on one way street – Oshawa
9-June – Person observed in truck attempting suicide - Oshawa
8-June – Males attempting to enter vehicles – Oshawa
8-June – Female sexually assaulted by males – Oshawa
8-June – Complainant heard sounds of intruders in her residence - Pickering
7-June – Suicidal male – Oshawa
7-June – Male assaulted mother, fled on foot – Pickering
7-June – Group of males attacking complainant - Pickering
5-June – Complainant heard sounds of intruders in her residence – Pickering
5-June – Young child missing from residence – Oshawa
5-June – Female abducted, found in Toronto - Pickering
4-June – Elderly Alzheimer’s patient left hospital – Oshawa
4-June – Youth missing from residence – Oshawa
4-June – Youth missing from residence – Whitby
4-June – Female left residence uttering suicidal threats, found after taking large amount of pills – Whitby
4-June – Male pulled knife on girlfriend, stole bicycle and fled – Pickering
1-June – Female heard noises and voices in her home – Uxbridge
1-June – Possible break and enter – Whitby
1-June – Possible sound of gunshots – Newcastle
1-June – Bank alarm – Oshawa
1-June – Male ran into wooded area threatening suicide – Oshawa
1-June – Male on cellphone indicated he wanted to drive his car into something to kill himself – Brooklin

May 2013
31-May – Commercial alarm – Oshawa
31-May – Teens seen throwing objects at building – Ajax
31-May – Attempted theft of a motorcycle – Raglan
31-May – Kids broke into school – Whitby
31-May – Male passed out on lawn asking for a ride – Pickering
31-May – Group believed to be throwing objects at house found to be shooting off air rifle - Oshawa
30-May – Police perform compliance check on bail conditions, two males flee on foot – Clarington
30-May – 9-year-old missing from school – Oshawa
30-May – Male along path speaking of harming himself – Orono
30-May – Male wanted on warrant – Whitby
30-May – Male fled on foot after fight with complainant - Oshawa
29-May – Male sent text messages stating he was going to kill himself – Clarington
29-May – Complainant heard noises in residence - Oshawa
25-May – Group of people starting a large fight – Pickering
25-May – Males observed drinking by their vehicle – Pickering
25-May – Male observed with large knife chasing children – Oshawa
25-May – Male observed breaking into a residence – Pickering
25-May – Male left golf course intoxicated, staff called police – Oshawa
25-May – Large group of people drinking – Whitby
25-May – Boat in distress – Lake Ontario
24-May – Male observed entering vehicles - Oshawa
23-May – Retail store broken into and merchandise stolen – Ajax
23-May – Male making suicidal threats before running into woods - Oshawa
22-May – Female heard screaming for help on cellphone - Columbus
19-May – Driver fled vehicle after car stopped – Clarington
19-May – People breaking into cars - Whitby
18-May – Victim robbed of cellphone by armed suspect – Whitby
18-May - Vehicles seen driving dangerously in parking lot - Whitby
17-May – Impaired driver - Clarington
17-May – Suicidal person reported missing and was located by Air1 - Scugog
17-May – Suspect broke into house then fled on foot - Whitby
16-May – Impaired driver - Whitby
16-May – Suspect armed with baseball bat - Clarington
16-May – Complainant being followed by vehicle - Ajax
16-May – Victim robbed of phone by two suspects armed with a gun - Ajax
16-May – Missing suicidal person - Brock
16-May – Male assaulted several people, fled on foot before being located - Oshawa
15-May – Elderly person with Alzheimer’s missing - Whitby
15-May – Male broke into home, assaulted complainant and fled - Pickering
12-May – Male observed looking in complainants’ window - Oshawa
12-May – Male observed looking in complainants’ window - Pickering
12-May – Unknown male attempting to enter complainants’ residence - Clarington
11-May – Female dropped child off at friends, previous suicidal history - Oshawa
11-May – Elderly male left nursing home, did not return – Uxbridge
11-May - Male attempting to fraudulently obtain prescription drugs – Port Perry
9-May - Male sent text messages to a friend stating he was going to kill himself - Clarington
9-May - Complainant heard noises in residence - Oshawa
9-May - Police perform compliance check for bail conditions, 2 males flee on foot - Clarington
9-May - 9-year-old missing from school - Oshawa
8-May - Female took large amount of pills, fled on foot - Oshawa
7-May - Elderly diabetic female left residence, unknown destination – Whitby
7-May - Male sent text messages to a friend stating he was going to kill himself - Whitby
5-May - Male left on foot after damaging house - Oshawa
5-May - Female assaulted male, left on foot - Whitby
5-May - Caller stated friend being chased by males with a gun - Oshawa
5-May - Vehicle with males trying to break into parked vehicles - Oshawa
4-May - Female left group home, upset with history of suicide attempts – Oshawa
4-May - Unknown vehicle in complainants driveway - Uxbridge
4-May - Youths on roof of school - Whitby
4-May - Male left on foot after damaging house - Oshawa

3-May - Suspected impaired driver - Columbus
2-May - Grass fire, search for possible suspects - Bowmanville
1-May - Male abandoned car and fled on foot from RIDE stop - Pickering
1-May - Two people tried to enter through window - Oshawa
1-May - Theft from a restaurant - Oshawa
1-May - Female trying to jump in front of a train, Whitby
1-May - Driver hit a sign post and median and left scene - Whitby
1-May - Driver struck numerous cars and left scene - Newcastle
1-May - Driver was impaired and tried to evade police by driving with lights off - Newcastle
1-May - Male seen taking wire from job site - Whitby
1-May - AIR2 following motorcycle doing in excess of 130km/h into Durham
1-May - Vehicle appeared to be abandoned, located driver - Pickering
1-May - Male knocked on door with slit wrists and left on foot - Whitby

April 2013
30-Apr - Complainant being followed by male who is on conditions to stay away - Pickering
28-Apr - Male party fled from police on foot - Oshawa
27-Apr - Complainant heard unknown people in house - Oshawa
27-Apr - Youths observed with a firearm - Pickering
27-Apr - Unknown parties at complainant's door - Ajax
27-Apr - Male party fled from police on foot - Oshawa
26-Apr - Complainant heard unknown people in house - Whitby
26-Apr - Female robbed of cash - Oshawa
26-Apr - Impaired driver - Clarington
25-Apr - Mentally disabled male missing from residence - Oshawa
25-Apr - Young male ran from group home - Oshawa
24-Apr - Traffic stop, stolen car - Oshawa
24-Apr - Large house fire - Ajax
24-Apr - Female assaulted by group of males - Whitby
24-Apr - Male attempting suicide - Bowmanville
23-Apr - Large group of males fighting - Whitby
20-Apr - Very large brush fire - Oshawa
20-Apr - Suspected impaired driver - Whitby
20-Apr - Female fled from police while trying to break into cars - Newcastle
20-Apr - Suspected impaired driver - Oshawa
20-Apr - Two males trying to enter apartment through a window - Oshawa
20-Apr - Persons beating on the front door - Whitby
20-Apr - Male armed with a shotgun attempting suicide - Scugog
19-Apr - Males found in abandoned building - Oshawa
18-Apr - Male refusing to pay for his food bill - Ajax
18-Apr - Missing woman with Alzheimer’s - Ajax
17-Apr - Male attempting to jump into Lake Ontario and drown himself - Whitby
16-Apr - Theft of jewellery - Oshawa
16-Apr - Male attempting to jump into traffic on 401 highway - Courtice
16-Apr - Fail to remain collision with injuries - Oshawa
14-Apr - Unknown male party threatened complainant - Whitby
14-Apr - Impaired driver - Oshawa
14-Apr - Complainant heard unknown people in house - Ajax
13-Apr - Male assaulted female outside of a bar, fled on foot - Oshawa
13-Apr - Male missing from Guelph area, believed to be in Durham - Clarington
13-Apr - Sound of gunshots heard - Oshawa
11-Apr - Suicidal male left residence - Oshawa
6-Apr - Fail to remain collision - Pickering
6-Apr - Persons throwing rocks on passing cars - Oshawa
6-Apr - Male seen in backyard of complainant's house - Oshawa
5-Apr - Persons seen in backyard - Clarington
4-Apr - Missing autistic boy - Oshawa
4-Apr - Male seen entering wooded area with a rifle - Ajax

March 2013
30-Mar - Large fight in parking lot - Clarington
30-Mar - Attempted robbery - Oshawa
30-Mar - Male assaulted by group of males - Clarington
30-Mar - Female sexually assaulted - Oshawa
30-Mar - Domestic situation - Oshawa
30-Mar - Unknown parties attempting to gain access to complainant's residence - Whitby
29-Mar - Female called relative, advised of suicidal intentions - Oshawa
29-Mar - Male trying to break into apartment - Oshawa
29-Mar - Impaired driver - Oshawa
29-Mar - Commercial alarm - Ajax
29-Mar - Fail to remain - Clarington
28-Mar - Domestic assault in Whitby, suspect stopped on 401 - Clarington
27-Mar - Female assaulted, suspects fled on foot - Oshawa
27-Mar - Unknown parties in area of recent break and enters - Pickering
27-Mar - Female robbed at knifepoint - Oshawa
26-Mar - Domestic situation, Male fled on foot - Pickering
26-Mar - Male accused of sexual assault, attempted suicide - Whitby
26-Mar - Impaired driver - Ajax
24-Mar - Impaired following - Clarington
23-Mar - Males observed in complainant's backyard - Oshawa
23-Mar - Large group of people at field party - Raglan
23-Mar - Unknown party attempting to break into apartment unit - Oshawa
23-Mar - Impaired driver
23-Mar - Single motor vehicle collision, occupants fled scene - Pickering
23-Mar - Possible break and enter. Two suspects fled on foot - Pickering
23-Mar - Impaired driver being followed by caller - Scugog
23-Mar - Large house party. One person arrested for assault/mischief - Clarington
22-Mar - Male assaulted by group of males - Whitby
21-Mar - Home invasion robbery, police pursuit, four males arrested with handguns - Oshawa
21-Mar - Female robbed at gunpoint, sexually assaulted - Ajax
21-Mar - Break and enter into retail store - Whitby
21-Mar - Impaired driver - Whitby
20-Mar - Photographs taken for previous incident - Clarington
20-Mar - Complainant chased male caught breaking into his residence - Clarington
20-Mar - Patient missing from Lakeridge Health Oshawa
17-Mar - Male left residence, sent text message stating intention of ending his life - Clarington
17-Mar - Group of people causing disturbance outside of residence - Oshawa
17-Mar - Male observed in complainant's back yard - Ajax
17-Mar - Male observed looking into cars - Clarington
16-Mar - Female left residence intoxicated - Clarington
16-Mar - Driver appeared impaired in Tim Hortons drive thru - Courtice
16-Mar - Complainant returned home to find unknown male in driveway - Brooklin
16-Mar - Pregnant female robbed of cellphone - Whitby
16-Mar - Five males fight outside bar - Oshawa
16-Mar - Male driver crashed into residence, fled on foot - Courtice
16-Mar - Single motor vehicle roll over, male arrested for impaired - Port Perry
16-Mar - Male left residence, sent text message stating intention of ending his life - Uxbridge
16-Mar - male driver attempting to leave GO transit lot, Oshawa
16-Mar - males pushed their way into residence, Oshawa
15-Mar - Community Resource Units arrested parties - Bowmanville
15-Mar - 13-year-old Autistic male missing from residence - Oshawa
15-Mar - Suicidal male located on Westney Road, had self-inflicted injuries - Ajax
15-Mar - Impaired driver - Ajax
15-Mar - Unknown parties stunt driving in parking lot - Port Perry
15-Mar - Large fight at house party, male stabbed, suspects fled on foot - Oshawa
15-Mar - Sound of gunfire - Whitby
14-Mar - Suicidal female left residence after dispute - Beaverton
14-Mar - Head on motor vehicle collision - Raglan
14-Mar - Masked males observed attempting to gain entry to vehicles - Ajax
14-Mar - Impaired driver arrested - Whitby
14-Mar - Large fight at McDonalds, unknown male sprayed mace - Ajax
11-Mar - Three males assaulted and robbed complainant - Whitby
10-Mar - Vehicle in construction area believed to be stealing materials - Ajax
9-Mar - Male texting girlfriend threatening suicide - Pickering
9-Mar - Male fled from officers while in handcuffs - Pickering
9-Mar - Car struck curb and fence driver fled - Oshawa
9-Mar - Two parties fled from traffic stop - Oshawa
9-Mar - Suspected impaired driver - Orono
9-Mar - Suspected impaired driver - Oshawa
9-Mar - Male seen with a gun pointing at passing cars - Ajax
9-Mar - Loud succession of bangs believed to be gunshots - Ajax
7-Mar - Males fleeing from police running through backyards - Bowmanville
6-Mar - Suicidal male located on Scugog Island armed with a rifle, Scugog
5-Mar - Suicidal male located on Scugog Island armed with a rifle - Scugog
3-Mar - Male robbed of a cellphone - Whitby
3-Mar - Elderly female EDP left nursing home on foot - Whitby
2-Mar - Large out of control house party - Clarington.
2-Mar - Male jumping in front of cars - Courtice
2-Mar - Flare observed south of Frenchman's Bay in Lake Ontario - Pickering
2-Mar - Vehicle hit a hydro pole, fled scene - Brock
2-Mar - Male observed assaulting female and attempting to put her in a car - Whitby
1-Mar - Male broke into public school, fled on foot - Oshawa
1-Mar - Four males commit transportation fraud and damaged taxi - fled on foot - Ajax
1-Mar - Domestic dispute with family member arming themselves - Pickering

February 2013
26-Feb - Male party attempting to enter vehicles - Pickering
26-Feb - Two males robbed a convenience store - Whitby
24-Feb - Male violent and armed with a machete - Oshawa
23-Feb - Male attempting suicide with a knife - Bowmanville
23-Feb - Disturbance at a group home no units in area - Myrtle
23-Feb - Vehicle driving aggressively up on someone's lawn - Oshawa
22-Feb - Suspected theft of construction equipment - Ajax
21-Feb - Wanted male fled from store - Oshawa
21-Feb - Loud disturbance in greenbelt - Oshawa
21-Feb - Male fled car after driving out on ice - Ajax
20-Feb - Suspects fled on foot from police - Oshawa
20-Feb - Suicidal female fled home - Oshawa
16-Feb - Male left bar intoxicated - Port Perry
16-Feb - MVC, occupants fled on foot - Pickering
15-Feb - Break enter in progress, two occupants arrested in a vacant house - Oshawa
15-Feb - Drug arrest, foot pursuit - Whitby
15-Feb - Youths loitering - Whitby
13-Feb - Male attempting to break into house - Oshawa
13-Feb - Single motor vehicle collision, male fled on foot, arrested for impaired operation - Scugog
13-Feb - Single motor vehicle collision, occupants fled on foot - Brock
10-Feb - Male with several loaded weapons - Whitby
10-Feb - Male stabbed in the face - Oshawa
10-Feb - Suspected impaired driver - Oshawa
9-Feb - Argument after female was almost run over by a vehicle - Whitby
9-Feb - Injury at a party found to be self-inflicted - Whitby
9-Feb - Convenience store robbery - Ajax
8-Feb - Impaired male left after argument in his car - Whitby
2-Feb - Male stabbed several times in the face - Oshawa
2-Feb - Burglary alarm at grocery store - Oshawa
2-Feb - Vehicle observed driving at high rate of speed and weaving in and out of lane - Port Perry
2-Feb - Single motor vehicle collision with lone occupant ejected - Pickering
1-Feb - Masked males rob clerk at gunpoint - Whitby
1-Feb - Armed male locked himself in residence - Oshawa
1-Feb - Several youths observed detonating a pipe bomb - Port Perry
1-Feb - Intoxicated youths observed interfering with traffic on rural road - Port Perry

January 2013
31-Jan - Males observed entering vehicles - Clarington
31-Jan - Male observed in parking lot of bank wearing ski mask - Oshawa
31-Jan - Unknown male(s) observed leaving the scene of a break and enter - Brock
30-Jan - Units attempt arrest, male fled on foot - Whitby
27-Jan - Robbery of store at gunpoint - Ajax
27-Jan - Sound of shots fired in a bar - Pickering
26-Jan - Smoldering fire thought to be a possible arson - Whitby
26-Jan - Male seen syphoning gasoline out of a van on street - Whitby
26-Jan - Male found in a van in a field tried to run down officer - Pickering
26-Jan - Suspected impaired driver - Scugog
25-Jan - Suspicious person - Pickering
25-Jan - Break and enter - Whitby
25-Jan - Underage party with several wanted persons attending - Ajax
24-Jan - Missing person - Pickering
23-Jan - Impaired driver being followed on Simcoe Street - Oshawa
22-Jan - Robbery of cellphone and cash - Oshawa
20-Jan - Assist TPS with missing suicidal person
19-Jan - Industrial fire - Oshawa
19-Jan - Field search for missing person - Pickering
19-Jan - Field search for missing person - Pickering
19-Jan - Male attempting to hang himself - Oshawa
19-Jan - Female elopee from group home - Oshawa
18-Jan - Male observed in fatigues with rifle - Whitby
18-Jan - Female left residence on foot - Oshawa
18-Jan - Male left residence after family dispute - Pickering
18-Jan - Male left suicidal note, left in vehicle - Oshawa
17-Jan - Robbery at gas station - Pickering
16-Jan - Distraught male consumed large amount of pills - Port Perry
16-Jan - Bank vault alarm - Pickering
16-Jan - Distraught female consumed large amount of pills and cut wrists
16-Jan - Male believed he saw men in his house - Oshawa
16-Jan - Males entered business and tried to distract clerk - Oshawa
15-Jan - Female observed walking on the railway tracks - Clarington
15-Jan - Male observed breaking into a window - Oshawa
15-Jan - Male to be apprehended by officers - Oshawa
15-Jan - Complainant following an impaired driver - Port Perry
10-Jan - Area checked for missing child - Oshawa
10-Jan - Area checked for missing child - Oshawa
10-Jan - Unknown parties smashing residential windows - Solina
10-Jan - Possible sighting of missing child - Oshawa
8-Jan - Male observed crawling through a basement window - Brooklin
8-Jan - Male spoke of taking his life - Clarington
6-Jan - Male consumed 50 pills
5-Jan - Two males observed apparently attempting to steal a motor vehicle, fled on foot
5-Jan - Two males entered residence and stole property, one male and property located
5-Jan - Single motor vehicle collision - Pickering
5-Jan - Sound of female screaming - Oshawa
4-Jan - MHA female jumped out of ambulance on 401, fled on foot - Ajax
4-Jan - Suicidal male left house on foot - Uxbridge
3-Jan - Car ran off road and male fled on foot - Brock Township.
3-Jan - Male on conditions not to be at residence then barricaded in house - Oshawa
3-Jan - Suspected impaired driver - Oshawa
3-Jan - Impaired being followed on 401 - Oshawa
2-Jan - Couple heard phone drop on other end feared mother fell - Oshawa
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